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Video editing is a lot cheaper and easier today. There's not reason you should put up with watching unedited raw video footage. Not only is it like watching grass grow, your experience is interrupted with camera jerks, shots of people's feet, disorganized footage, unwanted background noise ....

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4 Reasons to Edit Your Home Movies

Reason #1 – It’s so boring to watch unedited, raw video footage.

Reason #2 – Video editing software is a lot cheaper and easier to use now.

Reason #3 – You’ll be able to share your movies on web, email, ipod, DVD.

Reason #4 –VHS, tapes, film reels, they will degrade with time, transfer your old home movies to digital formats before you lose them.

Free Video Editing Tutorials

There are 4 main steps to editing your home videos:

Step 1. Connect your Camcorder to your PC.

Step 2. Import video clips, images and sound clips into your Software

Step 3. Edit your Videos - it's a lot easier than you think.

Step 4. Share your Videos - lots of choices: iPhone, iPad, DVD, Web...

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